2015 Match Video Round Up

These have all been posted on facebook already (like button is on the side) but I wanted to make a post with all of them on here for those that don’t follow on facebook (you really should though, all my small updates go there). Here are all my match videos from this season! It was […]

Grand Power X-Calibur Review

Bias: I did not buy this gun, nor did I promise anything other than a fair review in return for receiving it. I also do not own a competing product. After seeing these online and reading about them I really wanted to get my hands on one. it is a cool looking gun and the […]

LHS Rapid Draw Holster Review

Disclaimer: I was given this holster both to review on here as well as evaluate if I wanted to become a dealer for them. As always I’ll make my review honest in terms of positives and negatives but bias should be stated. Move over Bladetech DOH, there is a new standard holster for competition! I […]

Front Sight Focus and Alignment (With A Drill)

An advice post! wow its been a while. Based on reading the forums and talking to newer shooters at the range, it seems like about 50% cant get a good solid front sight focus while keeping their sights properly aligned and have troubles figuring out what they are doing wrong. I thought I would address […]

TMSA July 14th IPSC Match Video

Had a match this past weekend that went pretty well for me, had a couple stages that my accuracy was crap on and I managed to run right past a door on one stage but I still came 3rd with 85% so good day all round. Here is the video, I’m off to Nanaimo for […]