Now Offering Custom CNC Machining

Those of you who follow on facebook (link on the right) have seen over the last while a bunch of CAD images and even some video of me learning to use my CNC machine. Well now I am confident enough in my ability with the machine to be able to offer CNC machining on slides and other non frame parts. I will be offering a set of pre-programmed options that you can simply order online and mail your slide in to have done with a nice quick turn around (IE: I’ll usually do it the weekend after I recieve it unless there is a match). I’ll also be offering custom designs and machining based on what you want, obviously more time on the turn around and more cost, but we will be able to work out some really cool and unique designs.¬†Ok, enough text, here are some pictures!
These two glock slide designs are ready to go, cost will be $45 each to machine.
stock look glock
glock ball front
Here is the design for one of my personal guns, I like hex’s what can I say
edge slide
And some random shots of ideas I have been playing with.
random glock slide 1
slide serrations 2a
I have also contacted a local guy who has been trained and certified at the Cerakote factory and the cost of cerekoting a slide is $70 or your whole gun for $200